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18 of June, 08:57

The Committee of protection of correspondents condemned the murder of workers VGTRK
Based in new York, International non-governmental organization, the Committee of protection of correspondents condemned the killing in the process of firing near the city of Lugansk VGTRK journalist Igor Igor's and engineer Anton Voloshin.
" We condemn the murder of Igor Igor and Anton Voloshin, and again call upon all parties to the conflict in the East of Ukraine ensure the safety of media workers ", - stated in the address of the organization, RIA " Novosti ". It also indicates that the Eastern Ukraine has become one of the most dangerous spots in the world for journalists." Reporters there is in danger of being caught in cross-fire, and to be abducted or even killed, " the CPJ emphasizes. The Committee points out that in recent months Ukraine has deteriorated rules for media: there are attacks on local and foreign reporters, recorded cases of confiscation of their equipment and block television broadcasts. Remember, VGTRK journalist Igor Korneluk on Tuesday received a serious wound near the city of Lugansk and died on the operating table. In the evening of the same day VGTRK agreed death of engineer Anton Voloshin. The film crew was working on the front line: being very close to one of the checkpoints Between towns Metalist and peace, filmed, as Lugansk militia evacuate locals from the area mortar fire. A cameraman Viktor Denisov, who managed to escape from under mortar fire, said that the journalists were the identification marks of the media. Around midnight on Tuesday, the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin in a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the need to provide security correspondents. Poroshenko with his hand upon the request of the OSCE ordered to take proceedings of the death of Igor's. Later for a thorough investigation tried to persuade the UN security Council. At the same time, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under the criminal code according to section " murder " on the fact of death of Igor Igor near the city of Lugansk. However, the SBU said that the deceased journalist was not allowed at the workplace, and the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev called all, though the correspondents themselves are guilty, lost his life during the shooting.

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