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18 of June, 15:58

Shooters: Kiev has violated a temporary truce
Militia warriors and civilians Slavyansk and Kramatorsk until not felt announced by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko unilateral ceasefire, said the commander of the militia of the Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov, consider a truce ploy on time realignment of Kiev.
" I smiled skeptically. Thought, in 23 hours We understand, there is a truce or not. For many days at that time, and in Moscow at midnight, the enemy sends shells either by us or by Semenovka or Kramatorsk. Two or three batteries. I was mistaken. The bombardment began at 21. 30. Two batteries four barrel hit the Kramatorsk, after which the truce stopped. In the morning on Kramatorsk hit " drying ", missed, but this is not important. For me, such a cease-fire is not valid. Damn I wished for such reconciliation, pardon the expression, " said Shooters " Komsomolskaya Pravda ". Disillusioned with the peaceful initiatives of the Ukrainian side, the militias in the early Morning attacked the enemy." The checkpoint at the red Estuary was fired from a close distance from the ACS. On the post of the BAS was inflicted serious damage to enemy manpower. Our reconnaissance 2-throwers " Shmel " struck at the place of their rest and location, exactly once in the window, " he added. For reviews Strelkova, his proposal Poroshenko tries to keep a good face on a bad game. Currently, the Ukrainian army huge columns stretch from Berdyansk to Mariupol from him - to the North - North-East. Want to enter the initial position For an offensive along the border." They intend to cut off the Luhansk and Donetsk region from natural channels of assistance, food, fuel and according to the calculations of equipment and weapons, - said the commander.- We still hope that the Russian Federation us sooner or later will help. As long as the Ukrainian side during the day will finish the concentration of forces, will deal a fresh air and artillery strikes and go on the offensive along the border in both directions - from the North and from the South. Nothing else it would not end, if, of course, Mr Putin himself does not intervene in this situation and not take any measures that are completely erased plans occupation authorities of Kiev ". Shooters said that as long as he observes only the influx of people into the ranks of the militia." citizens enter the ranks of the militia, receive weapons and take their places in the line of combat. Outflow insignificant, " he said. Recall, on Wednesday Petro Poroshenko has officially announced the launch of its order on the settlement of the fourteen steps, the 1st of which is a unilateral ceasefire. However, the truce will be short: Kiev requires militants immediately to Express support for its own plan, that is to disarm. VIDEO

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