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22 of June, 11:56

The head EMERCOM: refugees from the Ukraine will have to choose where they go
The opinion of Ukrainian immigrants must taken into account in their future, moving from border regions of Russia, said on Sunday the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov.

" I draw your interest, that each person, each family by its own forces are obliged to make a decision and choose the region where we transport corridors man sent ", - he said at the meeting time state Commission.

From June, aggravation of situation in the South-East of Ukraine has greatly increased the flow of immigrants into the Russian Federation. Daily only in Rostov region is entering about 10 thousand people of Ukraine, some of which remains in the area, the rest of transit. Since the beginning of the political fall on Ukraine to Russia arrived more than 400 thousand Ukrainians.

For reception of immigrants in the South and in the center of Russia has already deployed almost 220 points of temporary accommodation, as well as among them, tent small towns. Currently in temporary accommodation centres are eleven, 1 thousand people, and among them 5, 4 thousand children.

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