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23 of June, 14:59

Ukraine will not take part in the tank biathlon-2014
The Ukrainian tank is not among crews from 13 foreign countries that will participate in the international stage " Tank biathlon-2014 ", said the head of Department of combat training of Land forces of Russia General-major Alexander Peryazev.
" Together with Russia in the international stage will be 14 participants, foreign crew - 13, all on the tanks of the Russian production, excluding China. As long as, according to my data, applications from crews of Ukraine no " - sends word Peryazeva RIA " Novosti." We were willing to accept other countries on their own tanks, but they did not want - has the opportunity to be feared for his technique. The crews of foreign countries that will participate in the international stage, absolutely certain of our technology. This will not be to yourself better, and some worse ", - noted the General. As first prizes on the international stage (pass 4-16 August) will be prepared cars, added Peryazev. However, according to him, the entry for spectators and fans to the competition is still open, stands on the ground Alabino ready to accommodate at least 5 thousand people. Tank biathlon is similar to the ski race in the relay and provides for 3-pass route of More than twenty miles. The participants overcome several prohibitions, such As slalom (snake), Ford, Kurgan (steep ascent), gauge bridge and escarpment. In contrast to classical biathlon, the Crews of combat vehicles hit targets depicting tanks and low-flying helicopters, at distances ranging from 900 to 2200 meters. The Russian stage of the competition by tank biathlon opened in Moscow Alabino before the first day of the week. Remember, in early may from participation in international competitions in the tank biathlon would not Italians. As was reported before attache on problems of defence of the Italian Embassy in the Russian capital, major-General Giovanni Armentani, in the Russian Federation were obliged to arrive four tank crew military might Italy on tanks C-1 Ariete " (C1 Ariete). At this point in time participation in the tank biathlon in Alabino confirmed 13 countries, eleven of them intend to take part in competition on the Russian armored vehicle. China and Kuwait on their machines. In February, to the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West because of the events in Ukraine stated that participate will be 19 countries, and among them out of NATO.

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