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23 of June, 16:57

To start from scratch: as a family Kurbanovich from Slavyansk settles in Tomsk
In Tomsk continue to visit refugees From the South-East of Ukraine, where the authorities conduct a special military operation against supporters of independence of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. Among the immigrants were Roman Kurbanov, who fled With his wife and 2 children undermined by a shell house in Slavyansk. Now they are trying to start a new life in Tomsk.

Bombing and shooting in Slavyansk turned habitual way of the family Kurbanovich. From 7 June they live in Tomsk, over 4 thousands of miles from his native city.

" We just kept case: we went to his mother out of town, And after from friends learned that our house was hit by a shell, and part of the houses are destroyed. In the district everything is broken, gas stations broken, water, no, what's there to do? Took all that was, is only one suitcase With summer things, mostly on a small child, passport and left, " says Roman.

father and children on one person, the younger son Daniel - just half a year, senior Nikita - eleven years.

Danylko as long as it is difficult to explain why He sleeps on the couch, And not in his native bed, And now Nikita has already knows that domestic problems - it's the little things: it is much harder to find new friends and get used to the new school. However, two weeks in Tomsk to life, in which we have to start From scratch, not had a habit and parents.

Tomsk in the form of refuge has chosen because it lives uncle Novel. He was sheltered by a family of Slavyansk. And the town Novel, we can say, mother: He was born, however, lived only for the first 3 weeks of life, then his family moved in Slavyansk, where he settled. As it seemed then, forever.

in Slavyansk except at home Kurbanovich remained still and apartment. In which condition it is In now, the novel does not know, and to know basis - all the familiar left devastated the city. My car Kurbanov was given to friends who went to Sevastopol.

" It is terrible that lived-lived, and all that had amassed and continued there. But even worse to be looking at what is happening, and exposing the family danger. To Tomsk got three aircraft, train With a small child to go very hard, He is so naughty, " recalls Dad family.

As underlined by the novel, in Donetsk oblast life was simpler: the town is less, the climate is milder. But the difficulties it does not frighten.

to the question whether He thinks about it to ever return to his native city, says: " If it would be, it would be possible and return. And nowhere, where the whole economy is destroyed and continues to deteriorate, so I don't see sense to go back there. We wish to stay as long as there ".

Currently Kurbanov required things and diapers for the younger son, But Very important - the work of the head of the family.

Immediately after the interview Roman left to the migration service: He tries to obtain a residence permit, Russian citizenship and to find work. Education novel and practical psychologist at preschool, graduated from the Slavic pedagogical Institute, specialty never worked.

" in Slavyansk I was a businessman in the field of agriculture are engaged in the sale of grain. There is unlikely to succeed in this area to find work. As long as I still difficult in salaries and career opportunities to navigate. Has the ability to be a driver arranged, If appropriate job opportunities. Ready to do any work. To lose heart, we cannot!" - said the head of the family With optimism.

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