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23 of June, 19:57

A state of emergency declared in the Stavropol territory due to the influx of immigrants
In six districts of the Stavropol territory declared a state of emergency, said Deputy head of the government of the Stavropol territory Irina Kuvaldin.
According to Kuvaldina, introduction of state of emergency will enable the region to use the means of the reserve Fund for the development of all necessary conditions for IDPs, reports " news Agency. It is noted that the temporary housing of Inhabitants deployed in Krasnogvardeisky, Ipatovsky, kochubeevskom, Novoaleksandrovsk and Andropov areas. Also specifies that the maximum stay in paragraph temporary stay for 1, 5-2 months. By comments of Deputy Chairman of the Stavropol Pravitelstva, that is enough time for rehabilitation and employment. According to the Ministry, in the temporary accommodation centre (TAC)are More than eleven, 2 thousand immigrants from South-Eastern regions of Ukraine. Just in the border areas deployed over 200 points of temporary accommodation. Yesterday in the UN recognized the presence of Ukrainian immigrants in the Rostov region. First of authorized state Department Jen Psaki said that North America has not found confirmation messages about the flow of immigrants from the South-East of Ukraine, where the authorities are conducting a military operation. However, since June, aggravation of situation in the South-East of Ukraine has greatly increased the flow of immigrants into the Russian Federation, for example in the border of the Rostov region. Every day in the region is entering about 10 thousand people of Ukraine, some of which remains in the area, the rest of transit. According to the Ministry, in the reception of immigrants already involved over 10 Russian regions. On Thursday, the Federal migration service said that in the border regions of Russia are about 400 thousand immigrants from Ukraine. More than 200 points of temporary accommodation centre (TAC) for Ukrainian immigrants already prepared in the border with Ukraine regions.

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