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23 of June, 19:56

In some parts of Stavropol Krai imposed a state of emergency due to the influx of immigrants from Ukraine
The state of emergency introduced in several districts of the Stavropol region, which at the time housed refugees from Ukraine, said the government Plenipotentiary of the region. Krasnogvardeisky the territory of Stavropol yesterday adopted 104 refugees. It is assumed another 22 people. According to the source, the state of emergency introduced in Krasnogvardeisky, Ipatovsky, Novoaleksandrovsk, kochubeevskom and Andropov areas. In addition, the state of emergency was introduced in Nevinnomyssk." in the areas of temporary accommodation centres is organized on the base of correctional schools. In Nevinnomyssk you can deploy campsites, " said the government Commissioner.

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