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23 of June, 21:26

The authorities DND told about stopping fire to 27 June
In Donetsk national Republic declared stop the fire. About it told the Prime Minister of the Republic Alexander Borodai. According to the messenger DND, the truce will be valid until June 27." The validity period of a stop of fire similar, as was announced before, - to 10 am on June 27. We wish to tell, that for this period will be organized monitor mode from Russia, the OSCE over the observance of this regime. I hope that during the time of the ceasefire on both sides, We will be able to come to a common opinion and the start of a meeting on the negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the conflict ", - stated the Prime Minister DND Boroday in a live TV channel " Russia 24 ". According to militiamen are ready to stop the fire otveta similar actions of the Ukrainian side." We in response to a cease-fire from Kiev agree to stop the fire from their own side, " said Boroday. Ukrainian opposition. PICS, VIDEOS, stories of witnesses

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