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24 of June, 12:57

Ex-player of Ukrainian national team has arranged with weapons of a brawl in Kiev
Ex-football player of the national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Aliyev made a brawl in Kiev night club.
The 29-year-old midfielder tried to find a job in 1 of the clubs of Azerbaijan arrived on the preview, but the agreement was never signed. Then upset Aliyev returned to Kiev and arranged in the 1st club brawl, threatening to customers weapon, informs " news Agency referring to the portal " journalist ". Let's add, that Alexander Aliev 1985 R. was born and spent the first twelve years in Khabarovsk. Then moved to Kursk, Then began to play in Orel. Then I spent a year in a school institution Moscow " Spartak ", then in 1999 came to a football Academy Kiev " Dynamo ". In 2005-2010 played for the 1st team " Dynamo " (Kiev), in 2010 - not long for capital " locomotive ", Then until 2013 again for " Dynamo " (Kiev). In 2014 spent 7 games of Anji Makhachkala. Aliyev is known not only that he is good at playing football, and a number of scandalous situation which he became and outside the football field. For example, the most celebrated his hot temper. Several times he cursed because of this with media professionals.

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