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24 of June, 20:58

DND is aware that Russia has no opportunity to be dragged into the conflict in Ukraine
The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) has Not pleased the forthcoming abolition of the Federation Council of the resolution on the use of Russian military power abroad, but understand that the Russian Federation does Not have the ability to be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine, said Prime Minister DND Alexander Borodai on Tuesday in Donetsk.

the head of the Russian Federation centuries Putin on Tuesday made to the Federation Council the proposal to cancel the decision of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament on the use of military power of the Russian Federation on the square of Ukraine ". As said by press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, made it " in order to normalize the situation and settlement provisions in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, and similarly in connection with the beginning of trilateral negotiations on this issue ".

" Can't say, because it makes us happy, " said Boroday. At the same time, he said, " we realize that the Russian Federation does Not have the ability to be drawn into the conflict."

" I have the feeling that the Russian Federation does Not give an opportunity the genocide is Not only of Bratsk, and the same people, " added Boroday, expressing hope that Russia will help the input peacekeepers in the South-East of Ukraine. According to him, the authorities DND I wish that it were Russian peacekeepers.

for his part, the leader of the movement " South-East " Oleg Tsarev expressed the view that the treatment of Putin to the Federation Council, motivated by a desire " to reduce the intensity conflict."" I realize that the Russian Federation wants to make a step forward, wants to reduce the intensity of the confrontation, " said Tsarev correspondents.

in Ukraine on 22 February, there was a coup d'etat, but some South-Eastern regions did Not recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities, there were launched rallies of supporters of independence. In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in early April were proclaimed " people's Republic", - declared after eleven may referendum on the status of the regions of its sovereignty.

To suppress the protest movement of the Kiev Authorities are from the middle of April a special operation with use of aviation and armored vehicles. In the Russian capital this special operation, which has already led to numerous casualties on both sides and among the peaceful residents, called punitive and campaigning Kiev immediately to stop her.

last Friday, after a two-month standoff, head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has ordered security forces to stop fighting until June 27. Militia also pledged to stop the fire, but the long-awaited truce in the region until't come: the continued shooting, and the parties blame each other close person.

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