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24 of June, 20:55

Moldova wants again to extend the contract with

Moldova cooperates With OJSC " Gazprom " dialogues on prolongation for one more year old contract on deliveries to the Republic of gas from Russia, which has expired on 1 January 2012, but many times has been extended by the parties. As said June 24, Moldovan TV Publika TV, said the Minister of economy of Moldova Valeriu Lazar.
He noticed that Chisinau does not expect issues With gas supplies from Russia, But just in case conduct dialogues and With their Ukrainian colleagues, regarding the possibility of a " reserve supply of fuel ", in case of termination of gas supply from Russia." But I dream, that up to this it will not come ", - said Lazar.
He also said that From August Ungheni will be powered by gas from Romania in Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline, And in the near future, the Moldovan government will look transportation projects, " the Romanian gas " from Ungheni to Chisinau.
Deputy Minister of economy of Moldova Tudor Copaci said With his hand, that For the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline at full capacity, both parties will need about 200 million euros. Part of this money, according to its statement, will be allocated by the European Bank for restoration and development and the European investment Bank.
in turn the adviser of the Prime Minister of Romania's energy policy Alexander Sandulescu said the Moldovan news Agency Infotag that At the moment Romania produces about eleven billion Cube. Meters of Natural gas a year." in 2013, this veil 85% of our need, And in 2014, we noticed that cover 100% (this statement is in contradiction With the statement of the Prime Minister of Romania Victor Ponta, June 16, said that in the event of termination of Russian gas supplies to Romania, the country's internal gas reserves will last only for six months - CA. REGNUM). And soon, to 2018-2019, Romania will become a gas exporter, because launched production of hydrocarbons from the Black sea. It is quite possible that in a few years, Romania will be able to provide Moldova with gas, making it independent from Russia ", - summed up Sandulescu.
As reported by the news Agency, Minister of foreign Affairs of Moldova Natalia Gherman said yesterday that the Chisinau hopes for six months to receive gas from " internal reserves of Ukraine " in the case of complete cessation of gas supplies from Russia via Ukraine. According to Herman, the agreement With Kiev Moldovan authorities already have. Moldova now buys 100% of it consumed gas and has no alternative sources of supply. From August of the current year is expected to start shipping small amounts of natural gas from Romania in Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline. According to calculations by the Moldovan authorities, this can reduce the dependence of Moldova from the Russian " blue fuel " From 100% to 95%, while " the Romanian gas " will be able to get only the residents of the border Ungheni and Falesti regions of Moldova. To complete the interconnection of the gas transportation networks of Moldova and Romania, the Moldovan side will need to build a compressor station and one gas line Ungheni-Chisinau. Spending on these projects is approximately 10 times higher than the cost of Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline, despite the fact that the Moldovan side did not manage to find money to cover the construction of even their section of the pipeline, asking for help to Romania and European funds.
along With that Romania itself does not cover their needs in gas from its own sources and in the last few years, imported from Russia from 22% to 42% of the volume of gas it consumed. Found on adjudged in 2009 Romania Ukraine's black sea shelf potential gas deposits in this point are investigated in terms of profitability of their production, which in case of successful completion of this process can begin only at the end of the decade.

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