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25 of June, 13:27

Gubarev: in a downed helicopter could fly foreign military advisers
According to the information of the Donetsk national Republic, downed on Tuesday in Ukraine at the mountain Karachun militias helicopter Mi-8 could be foreign military advisers, said the people's Governor of Donbass Paul Gubarev.
" in a downed our fighters yesterday (Tuesday) helicopter, except for the nine Ukrainian military, maybe there was a group of foreign military advisors, or the commanders of the PMC. Information is not checked for its accuracy can't vouch ", - is informed in the report on the Facebook page Gubareva referring to the commander of militia Igor strelkov. Remember, on Tuesday the Ukrainian law enforcers stated that the Militia knocked Ukrainian military rotary-wing machine Mi-8 from mount Karachun, according to unverified data, died nine military and among them officers of the SBU. The destruction of the helicopter confirmed the commander of the host of Igor Strelkov." This is the tenth of rotary-wing machine, destroyed our fighters. In retaliation, the enemy again ravneet the Semenovka mixed phosphate and shrapnel shells ", - is informed in the report Strelkova. The incident occurred on the background announced last week by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ceasefire. At the same time Poroshenko showed a peace settlement plan. Militias supported the initiative of a truce. However, active hostilities in the region still do not cease. Ukrainian law-enforcers claim that over the last three days has recorded 44 cases of violations of the cease-fire from militias. Themselves Militias accused the security forces to continue the attacks.

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