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26 of June, 12:27

Media: volunteers report that Slavyansk was on the verge of hunger
The volunteers report that the national guard under stopped to let them in Slavyansk, and warned that the city is on the verge of hunger, informs Internet portal referring to volunteer Peter Angelica.

" People in, there are still quite a lot - and mothers, and children, and senior citizens. All complain that there is no money. The payments are more than 2 months of no return. No water, electricity, gas in parts of regions. Almost hunger begins. People have to evacuate, " quotes Today. Ua words volunteer.

The Volunteers also told that they had begun problems With the evacuation of People from Slavyansk due to the fact that the checkpoints of the National guard not miss their cars in the city for about 2 weeks.

" Our machines are imported in Slavyansk products, Lekarstva and medical supplies, and on the way back take out the local residents. We have two months to go and help people know fighters, and they us. Currently, however, we stopped to let in the city. Say, an order came. To solve the problem does not work ", - quotes the log Peter Angelica.

While militias release residents and volunteers from Slavyansk freely, informs Today. Ua.

Since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine a special operation to suppress the protest movement, which emerged as a reaction to the coup d'etat, which occurred in the country on 22 February after several days of clashes in the centre of Kiev. The newly elected leader of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ordered everyone involved in the special operation of power units to stop fighting With 22. 00 (23. 00 Moscow time) on 20 June that provides peace plan to the President on the settlement of the armed conflict in the East of the country. Along With this, the leader said that in case of attacks by the security forces will repel the attacks. The ceasefire declared to 22. 00 (23. 00 Moscow time) on June 27.

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