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27 of June, 08:57

Chizhov: " South stream does not suit those who wish to buy Ukraine Maria Knyazeva. The gas pipeline " South stream " may not like those in the West who want to take the oversight of Ukraine's gas transportation system, says Russia's envoy to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

Interest to participate in the creation of the company-operator of the Ukrainian GTS was shown by investors from Europe and the European Commission, said on June 23, the head of " Naftogaz " Andrey Kobelev. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine initiates the introduction of changes to some laws that will enable the government to make the operator of the gas transportation system of the country, in which up to 49% will be able to get investors from the US and the EU.

Answering the question Last news about the fact whether the " South stream " lever of pressure on the Russian Federation in the trilateral gas talks between Russia, Ukraine and the EC, Chizhov said: " Yes, you describe the situation. Although, I think, it is not so much in this, but in the life of Ukraine as a gas transit country in the EU ".

Chizhov said that if the EU will work to reduce gas consumption, will be built South stream, then the Ukrainian gas transportation system in General can become meaningless. He added that objectively minded politicians understand that the development of this pipeline is in the interests of energy security of the European Union, because It is diversifying the routes of energy production.

" I realize it's probably not in the interest of those who wished to gain control of the Ukrainian gas transportation system and earn money based on its polymenorrhea position in the gas supply of the EU countries ", - said Chizhov.

" I understand the root causes of those wishing to buy the Ukrainian GTS, as well as those in Kyiv calculates how much it can sell. They, of course, diversification of supply routes and the opportunity to circumvent Ukraine, delivering gas from Russia to the European Union, is not necessary, " the envoy said. The European Commission first demanded from Bulgaria to stop for some time works on construction of South stream " to eliminate violations of the 3rd energy package of the EU. The reason was the contest on selection of the Builder and operator of the Bulgarian section of the pipeline.

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