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27 of June, 09:20

Capello attacked the referee after the match Head coach of the Russian Federation Fabio Capello was not satisfied with the Turkish arbiter of Learn of Cakir, serving a meeting of inhabitants of Russia with the Algerians. Immediately after the match in the room under the stands Capello shouted at the Cakir.

Capello after the match instead of gratitude to Turkish arbitrators some time expressed complaint. In addition 68-year-old coach, who will manage the Russian national team almost to the 2018 world Cup, gave an emotional Express review of the Department of public relations of FIFA.

Capello stressed that the Turkish team of arbitrators not responded to the precedent that Akinfeev blinded by the laser during the match. "Can complain about the refereeing in the match against Algeria. It was all over, and I can say this. Our goalkeeper 10 minutes blinded by the laser. What is the reaction to laser pointer? Akinfeev was blinded. There are photo and video materials. I accept defeat. But the laser is a fact. He blinded the eyes. He missed. This is not a setback, and the facts. When we don't play, I admit," he said, Capello "Sport-Express".

Explaining the results of the meeting, the Italian said that Algeria was published in the playoffs deserved. "Currently misses was not. We could win. Their goalkeeper twice reflected heavy balls, " said the coach. - I did not prepare the squad for CM. I prepared the team for today, not for tomorrow. Algeria good team. Is the quality and strength. All players play in the major leagues. Algeria has played excellently. I have never seen such extra class on world championship".

However, Capello said he was not going to resign. "Of course, I will continue to work in the team of the Russian Federation, if I want to continue to see. I spent an excellent job. The UK led in the playoffs after missing UEFA Euro 2008. The Russian Federation has brought to the world Cup for the first time in 12 years," said 68-year-old expert.
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