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27 of June, 15:58

The Parliament of new Russia announced the competition for development of gasimbayli
The Parliament of new Russia is formed in the East of Ukraine Union of the self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk national republics - has announced the contest on development of the state symbols and history textbook, said Parliament speaker Oleg Tsarev at a press conference on the last working day of the week in Donetsk.

" We can't do the Republic without the state symbols. We organize a contest under the auspices of the Parliament of new Russia ", - said the Tsar.

He explained that as a result of the competition is expected to choose the state symbols - the national emblem, flag and anthem of Novorossia. Also announced a contest for the development of the textbook of the history of new Russia." The aim of the competition is September 1, to make a textbook on the history of new Russia ", - said the Tsar.

The prize Fund of the contest is fifteen thousand dollars. Applications will be accepted for one month. To approve the state symbols will be the Parliament of Novorossia.

The Parliament LNR voted on Wednesday for the development of the Union with the Donetsk national Republic and the adoption of the Constitution of the new country. Yesterday at session of the Supreme Council DND was adopted the constitutional act on the Federal Association DND and LNR in the national Union republics. The Parliament of the Union of the people's Republic ratified the constitutional act on the creation of the Union (Constitution CHP).

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