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28 of June, 13:57

DND: the shelling of the bus with refugees lost their lives 2 persons
In the district of Donetsk Artyomovsk unknown fired at the bus with refugees, took the life of the driver and the only one of the passengers, said at the headquarters of the militia of the Donetsk national Republic.
" After the shooting in the windshield, the bus driver lost control and bumped into the garage of one of the private houses on the street to Tchaikovsky. He died on a place ", - has told the representative of the militia, peredaetsya " news "." One of the passengers received heavy damage to health, she was taken to a medical facility, where she died ", - He said. In addition, the militia Slavyansk informs that " with the night continues shelling in the area of Slavyansk and in the area of Kramatorsk. Authorized militia said that the fire are available from the personnel Kyiv offices. In the night of Saturday the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko extended the ceasefire regime in the East of Ukraine until Monday evening. Along with this, in the message it is reported that " the Ukrainian authorities reserve the right to prematurely stop the truce where the rules are violated ". For example, if the truce will be deemed to build fortifications or constructions that impede the peaceful life in the Donbass. Prime DND Alexander Borodai also said that Donetsk and Lugansk people's Republic pledged to stop the fire until June 30.

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