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30 of June, 14:27

Militia LNR said about the shelling our positions at the city Ukrainian security forces shelled the positions of fighters of the self-proclaimed Lugansk people's Republic near the town of Happiness, 20 kilometers from Lugansk, said Last news Authorized militia.

" For more than hours, the Ukrainian army is firing on our positions, but as such the battle there. Is the fire, " said the head of the Department.

Although, in Lugansk nonstop heard the explosions, he remains calm and signs of panic or anxiety no residents. Besides, today at fifteen. 00 (16. 00 MSK) will host a session of the Supreme Council LNR.

in Ukraine on 22 February, there was a coup d'etat, but some South-Eastern regions did not recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities. There were started rallies of supporters of independence against Kyiv authorities in mid-April launched a special military operation with use of aviation, armored vehicles and heavy artillery.

Elected President in may Petro Poroshenko said about intention to finish a special operation and showed their own peace plan. The Russian foreign Minister S. Lavrov Century had said before that Moscow would welcome the extension of the truce, but it cannot be deferred ultimatum.

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