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30 of June, 16:56

Hackers told about hacking the Internet representative office of " PrivatBank "
Hackers, as if included in the group Green Dragon, told about hacking into computer systems " Privat ". About it they said on his page on Twitter (@GreenDragonCrew)." We are delighted that the hacked " PrivatBank "whose owner, Kolomoisky, sponsored military campaign in Ukraine ". The co-owner of PrivatBank is one of the most affluent people of Ukraine Ihor Kolomoisky, he owns 33, 8554% shares of the Bank. From March 2014. Kolomoisky head of Dnipropetrovsk regional administration. Ukrainian and print and electronic publications Russia has accused the organization of financing of radical movement " Right branch ". Currently the website " PrivatBank " is not available.

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