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24 of June, 13:22

The from Sverdlovsk, killed their newborn babies, amnestied

The Sverdlovsk regional court found no grounds For re-training actions Irina Timoshenko, who killed in different years 2 their newborn sons. About it on June 24, the journalist of the news Agency said in the press-service of the court.
Irina Timoshenko was found guilty on two counts senior 106 of the criminal code - " Murder by a mother of her newborn child." The Prosecutor's office insisted on the qualifications of its actions as Murder of two young children, but the district, and then and regional courts, did not listen to its arguments.
" A senior legislator in 106 of the criminal code provides such kind of lawlessness, as Killing the mother of the newborn child during or immediately after birth. This crime is classified as moderate. This provision is of a special character and is applied if the Killing of newly-born child committed by his mother during the day after delivery. On this criminal case have been several examinations, which found that the death of both children came not later than 24 hours from birth.
To qualify action under this article has no legal value, at which time the mother appeared intent on Murder. For this reason the court had no grounds For re-qualification of the actions of Tymoshenko at a more serious composition of iniquity, provided Including 2 item 105 of the criminal code ", - said in court.

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