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1 of July, 15:58

Putin tried to persuade the West to abandon the desire to build the " world The model of double standards in the relations with Russia are not employed, the West must give up ambitions And cease to impose uniform rules for all people of the world, said the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin.
" The peoples And countries louder reported committed themselves to determine their own destiny, to preserve their cultural identity that is in conflict with the attempts of some countries to retain dominance in the military sphere, politics, Finance, Economics And ideology, " - said the Putin, quoted by ITAR-TASS." Western partners were convinced us good intentions, readiness to jointly build a strategic relationship. However, in parallel, time after time, expanded NATO, moved its controlled military-political space closer And closer to our borders, " said the head." Those who continue to assert its exclusivity, actively do not like the independent policy of Russia. The events in Ukraine have confirmed it. As confirmed they are And that full of double standards Model of relations with Russia is not working ", - have shown the President of Russia. He tried to convince the West to abandon ambitions and the desire to build a " world barracks ", having placed all of the rest, to impose uniform rules of conduct And the society "." And begin to build relations on the basis of equality, mutual respect, respect of interests. It is time to recognise the right of each-other to be different, the right of every country should live according to their own discretion, and not under somebody's obsessive dictation, " Putin said. Before Tuesday, Putin said that " provoked by the West in Ukraine Events are a concentrated expression of the policy of containment towards Russia, an attempt to make a hotbed of tension near Russian borders ".

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