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1 of July, 18:57

The Russian Federation in the status of the Crimea were not able to do otherwise, in China understand it
Russia in position around the Crimea were not able to do otherwise And our partners in China are able to assess the underlying causes of the Russian capital, said Tuesday the Russian Ambassador in Beijing Andrey Denisov.

" There are provisions, As was, for example, with the Crimea, when we simply had no choice. You can tell it well, you Can say it's bad, but for those who are deeply immersed in this topic, crystal clear, otherwise the Russian leadership to do just could not. And our Chinese partners, at least, appreciate, say, the root causes of our acceptance of those or other political decisions, " said Denisov on the results of the meeting of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the ambassadors, which took place at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As the Crimea became part of Russia

The crisis of political power broke out in Ukraine by the end of November 2013, when the Cabinet has announced about temporary suspension of European integration of the state. Numerous protests, called Bromidom, were held throughout Ukraine And in January resulted in clashes with police. The result of fighting in the street, during which the opposing political force many times used small arms And began dozens of casualties.
on February 22, the country suffered a violent seizure of power. The Verkhovna Rada, violating between President Viktor Yanukovych And opposition leaders, changed the Constitution changed the leadership of the Parliament And the Ministry of internal Affairs And was removed from power the head of the country, which was then forced to leave Ukraine, fearing for their lives. on 27 February, the Ukrainian Parliament approved the so-called " government of national trust ", became Premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Crimea, for its part, did not recognize the legitimacy of the new government And decided to hold a referendum on the future life of the region. Valeisienes passed on March 16. In the Bulletin were made to two questions: " are You for the reunification of the Crimea with Russia on the rights of the subject of the Russian Federation?" And You for the restoration of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea 1992 And over the status of Crimea As part of Ukraine?".

the overwhelming majority of voters (96, 77%) when appearing in 83, 1% were in favour of reunification with Russia. The corresponding agreement was signed on March 18, then it was approved by the State Duma And the Federation Council. They Also adopted the Federal constitutional law on education 2 new regions of Russia - Republic of Crimea And city of Sevastopol. The head of the Russian Federation centuries Putin signed both documents. Also before Putin said that the referendum in the Crimea corresponds to the norms of international law And the UN Charter.

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