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1 of July, 17:57

MIA: 7 policemen were wounded during the assault in Donetsk
The storm of the building of the regional police Department in Donetsk continues, has already damaged 7 law-enforcers, informs on Tuesday the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The storming of the militia of the building of the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs began on Tuesday afternoon. According to the Ministry, the police officers headed by General barricaded themselves and hold the Fort. First the Ministry was informed of one killed a policeman and several wounded.

" damaged 7 police officers. Among severely wounded a woman and two employees of the detachment of special purpose militia. Three more police officers with gunshot wounds delivered in a medical Institution ", - is informed in the report.

Militiamen armed with assault rifles and machine guns and hand grenades. Before the storm they commented Last news that I want to discourage police " lists separatists "who was on assignment of Kiev.

Next to the management of buildings being evacuated people, reports journalist Last news . Institutions and retail outlets were closed, citizens hastily leave the territory of the shooting.

Police have closed several blocks around the building of the Department of internal Affairs and does not let down cars, also stopped by public transport. In the area of state of emergency from time to time shots are fired grenade launchers and automatic weapons.

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