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2 of July, 09:56

Militiamen said about death in Slavyansk because of the shelling of the citizen of the Russian Federation
Killed During shelling of Slavyansk woman, according to one version, he was the citizen of Russia and came to the city of St. Petersburg, said Last news authorized local militia.

the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko July 1, announced the end of the ceasefire in the East of the country. Immediately afterwards, the security forces have fired from artillery strikes on centres of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, fired on the territory of the village Semenovka and Nikolaevka village, Yampil town Krasnolimanskaya district.

" During artillery shelling, the woman could not go down to the bomb shelter and died on the spot ", - told the head of the Department. He has noticed, that the Deceased woman lived in St. Petersburg, but had an apartment in Slavyansk. Apparently, she came to see, not damaged or its property in the fighting, suggested in the militia.

similarly in the militia said that last night the Ukrainian army led a massive bombardment of Kramatorsk, " the shelling destroyed houses, there is a fire ". Data on victims in Kramatorsk until not Iniesta.

Ukraine, February 22, there was a change of government, but a number of South-Eastern regions did not recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities. There were started rallies of supporters of independence against Kyiv authorities in mid-April launched a special military operation with use of aviation, armored vehicles and heavy artillery.

in the Russian capital this special operation, which has already led to numerous casualties on both sides and among them among the peaceful residents, called punitive and campaigning Kiev immediately to stop her.

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