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2 of July, 16:58

Merkel: the Tightening of sanctions against Russia remains on the agenda
A tightening of sanctions against Russia remains on the agenda, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel following the meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
She recalled that At the present time regarding Russia, there is a second level of punishment." We do not rule out that we will need to make further steps ", - quoted Merkel ITAR-TASS. Merkel said that the head of the German foreign Ministry Frank-Walter Steinmeier continues to seek a diplomatic solution ", reminding that on Wednesday he met in Berlin with Russian, Ukrainian and French colleagues." But We have not achieved what they wanted to achieve, " said the Chancellor. Recall, in March the West, not recognizing the unification of Russia and Crimea, has imposed punishment on a number of Russian politicians and businessmen. USA on April 28 in connection with the situation in Ukraine was included in the sanctions list of the 7 Russian nationals and 17 organizations, widening it to almost 50 politicians and entrepreneurs from Russia and Ukraine. The European Union has extended sanctions list of Russian citizens for another fifteen, and later at 13 people, to 61 people. The foreign Ministry of Russia many times stated that to talk with Moscow language punishment inappropriate and unproductive, and experts, as well and the West, declare that the introduction of new sanctions will harm the economies of the EU and the US.

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