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3 of July, 16:56

The EU hopes that Ukraine and Russia agree on gas to autumn
The European Union looked forward to the conclusion of negotiations Between Russia, the EU and Ukraine on gas before the end of the summer, said the Head of the EU delegation in the Russian capital Vygaudas Usackas.

" We hope that this (mediation - as amended) the role of the EU will help to achieve and must achieve further understanding and finish these dialogs until the end of summer in the whole list of problems, which are currently underway, " the EU official said at a press conference in the Russian capital.

He also said that the Union of European States showed interest in " gas market worked and to supply occurred without any interruption or barriers ".

After long and fruitless negotiations " Gazprom " 16 June translated " Naftogaz ", indebted 4, 5 billion dollars, in advance, and now in the Ukrainian gas transport system are only transit volumes destined for Europe. As long as the transit is carried out in contractual options, however, and Gazprom, and the Commission does not exclude the occurrence of questions in winter, when Ukraine will spend accumulated in their own UGS reserves.

however, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev A. on Wednesday said that in case of continuation of the gas dispute Between Moscow and Kiev for the fall break out " of full gas crisis "because Ukraine is forced to consume gas from its underground storage facilities. The head of " Gazprom " Alexey Miller also did not exclude any questions transit in the autumn of nedoskazki gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine.

on 27 June reserves in underground gas storages of Ukraine was estimated at 14, 24 billion cubic meters. According to the information of the Russian side, for the normal autumn-winter period and ensure stable transit Ukraine ought to have in their own UGS about 18, 5 billion cubic meters of gas.

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