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3 of July, 15:56

The NSDC: more than $1 million stolen from Donetsk " PrivatBank "
Unidentified kidnapped in Donetsk of the branch of " PrivatBank ", owned by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, more than fifteen million UAH (more than 1, 26 million dollars), said at a press conference on Thursday, the speaker of the information centre of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko.

according to him, on Wednesday at fifteen. 30 (16. 30 MSK) in Donetsk 40 armed men robbed Voroshilovsky branch of " PrivatBank ": they broke through the door of the store, " They have stolen more than fifteen million UAH, which the government of Ukraine has transferred for the payment of pensions to the pensioners and salaries to workers of social sphere ".

yesterday the mayor's office of Donetsk reported accumulation group of armed persons in protective form at the Bank branch at the intersection of prospect and Sadovaya street University, however, and it was not clear, They stole anything in the Bank or not.

The Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Kolomoisky is one of obespechennaya citizens of Ukraine, its status printed illustrated edition of Forbes estimates at 1, 8 billion. As reported Last news a source in the state security Council of Ukraine, it is Kolomoisky was the main opponent of the ceasefire and any contact With the militia, the South-East of Ukraine. Basmanny court of Moscow on Wednesday has authorized his correspondence detention.

Since April, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine a special operation to suppress the protest movement, which emerged As a reaction to the coup d'etat. There were started rallies of supporters of independence against Kyiv authorities in mid-April launched a special military operation With use of aviation, armored vehicles and heavy artillery. In the Russian capital this special operation, which has already led to numerous casualties on both sides and among them among the peaceful residents, called punitive and campaigning Kiev immediately to stop her.

numerous anti-government protests were started in the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine at the end of February 2014. It has been the response of the local population at the forcible change of power in the country and the subsequent attempt to cancel the Verkhovna Rada of the law, giving the Russian language regional status. The center of confrontation between Pro-Russian-minded people With the government in Kiev has become the Donbass. About that, How is the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

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