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4 of July, 21:26

The Moldovan mass-media: prohibiting the broadcasts of the Russian Federation violates the freedom of speech
Valeriu Balan. Interviewed on the last working day of the week Last news leaders of Moldovan TV channels regarded entered Coordination Council on television and radio Moldova (CCA) limits on broadcasting of Russian TV as interference in the editorial policy and the violation of freedom of speech.

on the last working day of the week CCA forbade broadcasting in Moldova Russian TV channel " Russia 24 " before 1 January 2015. The channel, rebroadcasting in Moldova transfer NTV, channel one, RTR and " REN TV ", was subjected to penalties. As the reasons for the decision of the Coordination Council called mismatch programs Republican broadcasting code and violation of the principle of pluralism of opinions in the news blocks, covering the events in Ukraine.

" The CCA had no right to interfere in the editorial policy of the channel " Russia 24 " - ed). The Board has violated the law because it is written in the Code on TV and radio broadcasting ", - said the Director of the TV channel " RTR-Moldova " Evgeny Sergeev.

Director General of Moldovan TV company " TV-7 ", rebroadcasting the transfer NTV, Natalia Davidovich sure that the prohibitions of the coordination Council on television and radio Moldova violate the principle of freedom of speech." CCA gives us a public warning. In the words of the members of the Board has recommended us to exclude from broadcasting news of the TV channel NTV. Such restrictive measures violate the principle of freedom of speech and in conflict with the norms of the code of Teleradio Moldova, " said Davidovich.

She stressed that the citizens of Moldova have the right to obtain data from different sources. In her expression, the TV company will not impose censorship and somehow to limit these sources.

" However, if the CCA in the categorical form decides to exclude from broadcasting of Russian programs, we must obey. Of course, this has a negative impact on our work, and on the informational space of Moldova ", specified Davidovich, expressing the hope that this will not happen."

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