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5 of July, 11:26

Avakov said that the strategy of law enforcement officers not to leave any chance to the militia
The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian military are going to apply to the militia in the East of the country the most severe measures. About it Avakov wrote on the first day weekend on my page century

" No facile optimism and simplification. Only guaranteed systematic steps, leaving no chances to terrorists - this strategy headquarters ATO headed by Viktor Murenko, which is supported by all involved in the operation of the combat forces, " wrote Acting Head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Also Avakov confirmed that the column of military vehicles militia managed to escape from Slavyansk.

" In the morning intelligence reports about the fact that Girkin (militia commander Igor Strelkov - approx. Ed.) and a significant part of the terrorists escaped from Slavyansk, " said Acting Head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

before mass-media referring to witnesses reported that in Kramatorsk from Slavyansk broke military convoy militias. Approximately 3 KAMAZ, two tanks and eight vehicles arrived in the centre of Kramatorsk to the local headquarters of the militia. In addition, the Witnesses told about one BTR and five cars in the French quarter.

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