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27 of September, 23:12

Mercedes-Benz discharges five thousand people General director of Mercedes-Benz Diether Zetsche is intended to lay off at least five thousand working places in the near future, says informer close to the government of the company. It is expected that the company will announce that officially tomorrow.

In the second quarter Mercedes informed about profits decrease on 98%, also company spent 1,2 billion euro on Smart cars producing department reorganization during the last period.
Analysts say that financial discipline truly was not strong enough in the company in last time. Michael Raab, Sal Oppenhium analyst, estimated that discharges will save Mercedes from 150 to 250 million dollars, and also he concludes that company could economize from another 200 to 250 million dollars on efforts every year.

According to official information Mercede employs 106 thousand people all over the world. Daimler-Chrysler government disproves information about coming discharges.
Daimler-Chrysler decreases amount of workers around the world. Daimler-Chrysler attained recently a three year period agreement with Canadian auto industry trade union, according to which the company will discharge 2500 workers of its Canadian departments.
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