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7 of August, 04:57

A state of emergency declared in Kamchatka
On Kamchatka introduced a state of emergency in the beginning of the massive arrival of immigrants from Ukraine.
To act a state of emergency will be until a special order of the head of the Kamchatka Region Vladimir Ilyukhin, informs the press-service of the head of the Region, ITAR-TASS reported. Introduction of emergency will give the opportunity to use it to support people's material resources from the regional reserve, and among them the additional funds necessities. Now is being developed the procedure for providing immediate financial assistance to refugees, the amount and timing of delivery of service." By September 1 we are ready to accept about 160 people in General need to provide accommodation 780 people. Our goal is to equip them with all the necessary upon arrival at Kamchatka, " said Ilyukhin. The temporary accommodation of Citizens of Ukraine is created in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It will be placed in the 1st from hostels. There are already renovated 30 rooms. In several areas of the restoration continues. Who came to Kamchatka refugees regional authorities are ready to pay compensation, to provide social assistance, as well as among them with settling in a new place." in the data Bank of vacancies Kamchatka currently 8 300 thousand job offers. By itself, among them are seasonal offers - For example, working fish-processing enterprises. But there is a long-89 would be unfilled vacancies with the provision of housing. This is mainly doctors, teachers and other popular in the field of speciality ", - it is marked in the message. The delegation of Kamchatka will take place in Rostov-on-don eleven August. There Experts of regional employment agencies residents will lead a discussion with refugees and will offer employment for a long time. According to the information of the government of the Kamchatka Region, on 7 August, the Federal migration service aimed confirmation of the readiness of receiving and settlement of the land 156 people. They are obliged to come to the Peninsula at the end of the summer. Today, on Kamchatka from the territory of military actions in Ukraine profits and appealed to the employment services of the inhabitants of 23 families - only 47 people, and among them 13 juvenile children.


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