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28 of February, 13:47

Yavlinsky appeals to formation of united democratic party The leader of "Yabloko" political party Gregory Yavlinsky appeals to creation of united democratic party in Russia but disputed wide integration of opposition.

"We are ready for formation of united Russian democratic party", - he announced on Monday during meeting with students of USA and Canada institute. But at the same moment Yavlinsky thinks that democrats should join on the base of united program.

"Holding oppositional position is not enough", - said Yavlinsky.

By words of "Yabloko" leader, "the party is ready for dialogue with any honest democrats". Yavlinsky noted that not all political forces, which pretend for "democratic opposition", agree with program suggested by "Yabloko".

"Not all politician agree that results of criminal privatization in mid-nineties should be cancelled", - explained Yavlinsky.

Talking about democratic party, Yavlinsky has emphasized that the matter concerns unification of SPS and "Yabloko" electors and not leaders of political parties.

"Elector of "Yabloko" is extremely sensitive to politics of SPS. But SPS has a new leader now. Our party likes him, we can find a common language and will try to create united democratic party", - announced Yavlinsky.

Talking about cooperation of "Yabloko" and National Bolshevik party, Yavlinsky noted that ideology of NBP is principally unacceptable for "Yabloko".
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