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18 of August, 11:58

OSCE observers recorded the illegal movements on the border of Russia and Ukraine
OSCE observers on the border of Russia and Ukraine did not record any illegal moves, which was reported in Vienna, said the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia S. Lavrov..
" some time ago as a gesture of goodwill, the Russian side has invited the OSCE observers on the border crossings, which the Ukrainian side are controlled by militias. Observers work. They report in Vienna, the headquarters of the OSCE, about what They see. For the period of their stay at the border (about three weeks) was not recorded in any unauthorized crossings " - quoted expression Lavrov RIA " Novosti ". According to Lavrov, the Observers record the increasing flow of immigrants from Ukraine. Moscow supports the idea of equipping the OSCE mission drones, said Lavrov." Mission (OSCE), in accordance with the mandate, can equip themselves with the necessary equipment. Currently there is talk about the fact that the Mission received drones For surveillance on the border line with the Ukrainian side of the Ukrainian airspace. We see this approach supported ", - he said. According to the Minister, " the more successful the Mission will work, the better." According to Lavrov, Moscow is ready to consider the question of extending the stay of Ukrainian border guards and customs officers at the checkpoint " Donetsk "." at the present time at the checkpoint " Donetsk " are, in addition to OSCE observers, and even Ukrainian border guards and customs officers. For the purposes of the delivery of humanitarian assistance We are ready to consider the question about the fact that They remained there longer, " said Lavrov.


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