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27 of August, 15:27

Militia DND captured another tank Ukrainian law enforcers
The militia captured one tank Ukrainian army also detained his commander, which is expected to be exchanged for 2 captured soldiers DND, said in the press center of the army of the South-East.
" one of the roadblocks DND-left tank, by which the Militia opened fire. The crew managed to escape, delay turned out to be only the commander, " said the press center of the militia, RIA " Novosti ". Later it turned out that he commanded a tank head on the storage service 40 battalion in/HR 2603 captain Fedoseenko "." Decided to exchange Fedoseenko 2 fighters army DND, captured, according to the report. First at the headquarters of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) said that at night the Militia destroyed several tanks and rocket launchers " Grad ". Add that on Wednesday Authorized the militia has reported on the capture of 129 Ukrainian military and authorized machardie. It was declared that the Ukrainian military voluntarily surrendered in the busy militias settlement Starobeshevo Donetsk region. First Prime Minister and commander of the armed forces DND Alexander Zakharchenko advanced Ukrainian troops ultimatum and tried to persuade them to lay down their arms.


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