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3 of September, 17:26

The head of the Kremlin administration has expressed condolences to the family Stenina
President of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov condolences in connection with the death of photographer MIA " Russia today " Andrew Stenina.

On Wednesday morning the CEO of the Agency Dmitry Kiselev announced the capture of data of the RF IC, indicating that the missing at the beginning of August in Ukraine Agency photojournalist Andrey Stenin about a month ago, died in the district of Donetsk. The car in which rode Stenin on an editorial assignment, was shot and burned on the highway.

" Sad news for us was the tragic death of Andrew A. Stenina. We are down to the last did not lose hope. No one expected that it will become another victim of the fratricidal war in the East of Ukraine ", - said in the telegram Kiselev.

reviews Ivanov, Andrey Stenin was not only a talented photographer, but also a sympathetic colleague, to fulfil its own debt in the last period of time such a dangerous profession " journalist "." during his career Andrey Alekseevich has worked in several Russian and foreign media, choosing the most difficult path - taking emergency and military conflicts, " - said Ivanov.

The head of the Kremlin administration gave sincere and deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased.

according to the information of the RF IC, the reporter was forcibly deprived of his life in the process of Ukrainian military attack on the convoy of immigrants, which was guarded by a few militia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation asked in a persistent form from Kiev to thoroughly investigate the death of Stenina is already the 4th Russian journalist who was killed in the East of Ukraine in recent months. Condolences on the death of Stenina was expressed by the Head of centuries Putin, Prime Minister Medvedev D. A. and other Russian politicians. The Council of national security and defense of Ukraine told about the non-involvement of security forces to the incident.

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