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26 of September, 09:09

Israel bombs Gaz sector On Monday night Air Force of Israel released four rockets in the Gaz sector. The rockets were gone in Gaz on the way where soldiers were supplying rocket plants for bombardment of Israel zones.
Palestinian sources informed that as a result of this attack one Palestinian woman was wounded.
One more aircraft blow was stroken in the camp of refugees Khan-Yunis. The object of that attack was a workshop for production of weapon for terrorists. The rocket did not get the building, it fell down in the open field. Three weapon store-houses in Rafiah were received the same bombardment.
About 5 a.m. of local time the helicopter TSAHAL released the rocket in the weapon store-house of HAMAS in Gaz. The fire in the building arose from it but nobody suffered. Besides, there were electricity problems in the eastern parts of the city.
Let us remind that on 25th September night TSAHAL declared of the beginning of the war operation "The first rain" in Sector. The aim of this operation is liquidation of HAMAS terrorists responsible for bombardment of Israel zones. According to TSAHAL since Monday the Palestinian soldiers released about 40 rockets.
On Sunday night BBC of Israel stroke four aircraft blows in Sector and as a result four soldiers HAMAS were killed and about 20 palestinians were wounded.
On Sunday evening the leader of HAMAS Mahmud al-Zahar declared that the group stopped rocket bombardment of Israel zones from Gaz in order to defend peaceful Palestinians from Israel aggression.
But not long before midnight the rocket was released from the Gaz sector in the Israel city Sderot.
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