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8 of October, 17:21

The second candidate registered on the election of the head DND
The second candidate for the position of head of the self-proclaimed DND submitted their documents to the Central election Commission, said on Wednesday Last news the head of the CEC Roman Lygin.

" The second applicant was Yuri Sivachenko nominated by the veterans Union of Donbass " Berkut ", - said Lagin.

Prime DND Alexander Zakharchenko October 4, submitted their documents to the CEC DND to participate in the election of the head of the Republic.

Election of the head of the self-proclaimed Republic and Parliament appointed on 2 November, however, the CEC is asking the Supreme Council of the DND to postpone the Election of the head and of the Parliament of the Republic on 9 November. Registration of candidates will last until October 14.

Kyiv authorities began in April in the East of Ukraine military operation against dissatisfied with the February coup d'etat residents. According to the UN on October 6, the victims of the conflict were more than 3, 6 thousands of civilians, more than 8, 7, thousands were injured body. About the development of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine read in the chronicle Last news

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