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31 of October, 15:25

Zakharchenko denied allegations of 286 female bodies
Prime Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko said that did not make statements about staying in Krasnoarmeysk 286 female bodies with signs of violent death.
" I never said, " he told Lifenews Zakharchenko. According to his statement, he said that during the conflict of Krasnoarmeysky district DND authorities of the people's Republic received 300-400 statements about the disappearance of young girls and women. Before the last working day of the week appeared the message that the Prime Minister DND Alexander Zakharchenko said detected under Ukrainian Krasnoarmeysky tel 286 women, noting that all of the missing numbered 400." Almost 400 women aged from 18 to 25 years disappeared in Krasnoarmeysk missing, where stationed a battalion of " Dnepr-1 ". 286 women's bodies were found in and around Krasnoarmeysk raped ", - said the statement Zakharchenko, which imparted RIA " Novosti ". Krasnoarmeysk - a city of regional significance in the Donetsk region, is located approximately 45 kilometres North-West of Donetsk. Remember also that the militia on September 23, found the burial of bodies in the area of forest stock shaft number 22 " Kommunar " (lower Pot, 60 km from Donetsk), which until recently was under the control of the security forces. The Russian foreign Ministry has called the murder of the civil under the Donetsk war crime. The assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for human rights Ivan shimonovich said that citizens whose bodies were found in mass graves in the Donets basin in the Ukraine, was likely to be detained by the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.


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