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17 of November, 13:50

Merkel warned about the possible expansion of Russia German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not consider the crisis on Ukraine local conflict in her vision, it applies to all.

" the story is not only about Ukraine. The story is about Georgia, Moldova, and if it goes on, the story can go on Serbia, the countries of the Western Balkans ", - quotes said by the Chancellor in Sydney of the word magazine. According to Merkel, " the Ukrainian crisis is in any case not a regional thing."

" No, for this example, We observe: it concerns us all, " she said, mentioning before this catastrophe Malaysian Boeing MH17.

According to the Chancellor, Western countries in their response to the events in Ukraine are obliged to act together." The biggest danger is that We would not let ourselves be divided, " she said. In her expressions, Europe and the United States " must continue ", which together were to conflict resolution

" We won't stop trying to come in negotiations with Russia for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, " added Merkel.

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