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19 of November, 14:21

Yatsenyuk said about the willingness to sign a draft coalition agreement Poroshenko
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk expressed readiness to sign under the proposed President of Petro Poroshenko, a project of the coalition agreement.
" I have studied in detail the Draft coalition agreement. I am ready to put the signature under this project, published on the Internet representation " Block Petro Poroshenko. I turn to other political forces to finish the discussion and begin to work, " - said Yatsenyuk, reports TASS. Remember, at the end of October, the projects of the coalition agreement was prepared by the party Arseniy Yatseniuk " popular front " and " Block Petro Poroshenko. The project " Block Petro Poroshenko, for example, provides for changes in the location of parts of military power for a permanent military presence in the East of Ukraine. The Project proposes to remove Ukraine limits cross-border capital flows. In addition, the Unit has made the initiative to privatize all coal mines in Ukraine, and the mines that fail to sell, liquidate. In addition, the Unit Poroshenko in their own coalition agreement made the motion to introduce fresh rules of gas supply: 2018 no country will be able to put more than 30% of its annual consumption of Ukraine.


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