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27 of November, 16:50

Azerbaijan has been accused Ukrainian television channel in illegal activities
Nigar Orujova. Azerbaijan's foreign Ministry criticized the prosecution of the Ukrainian TV channel " 1 1 " in illegal activities.

" while we considered the issue of accreditation of the channel " 1 1 ", they are not waiting for our answer, without waiting for the issuance of the accreditation card of the foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, illegally engaged in reporter activity in our territory, " he said Last news, the acting head of the press service of the foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev.

according to him, the media channel was prepared transfer " fifteen republics ", in which, in the opinion of the foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, distorted realities associated with the socio-political system of the Republic." in the program admitted insulting language addressed to Azerbaijan. And now they are trying different excuses to whitewash their actions, " said Hajiyev.

the Ombudsman's press service said that the Employees of the TV channel without obtaining official permission Baku, visited the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh, without informing in advance the Azerbaijani side of his intentions.

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