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13 of January, 14:27

Stoltenberg: NATO has already strengthened its presence in the East
NATO has strengthened its presence in the East: the Alliance sends to the area of Eastern Europe more ships, aircraft and troops, said the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in conversation que Welt.
Stoltenberg confirmed plans NATO organization strongholds in the Baltic States, and similarly in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. However, according to him, " all these measures are intended only for defense ", RIA " Novosti ". According to him, the military capabilities of NATO, as well as fresh troops rapid response, strengthen the defense of the Commonwealth. Stoltenberg believes that such reaction is "adequate" in light of the fact that " the security situation in the EU has changed." In conversation, the Secretary-General also said that as long as Ukraine has not filed a petition for membership in NATO. However, the government of Ukraine, he said, " has announced the launching of a process of convergence, and this requires time." Before the chief of the National control center of defense of Russia, Lieutenant General Michael Mezentsev said that the number of reconnaissance flights of U.S. and NATO the Russian borders has increased 7 times in 2014, and the number of flights of NATO's tactical aviation has doubled and reached presumably three thousand.. the Chief of the General staff military power Valery Gerasimov said that the Alliance uses the events in Ukraine, to make political preconditions For the further advancement of military infrastructure to the borders of Russia.


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