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30 of January, 16:50

In the SBU told of the intention to expel correspondents LifeNews
The Ukrainian government wants to expel caught on the last working day of the week in Kiev correspondent channel LifeNews and banning them from entering the country for 5 years, said the Advisor to the head of the security service of Ukraine Markian Lubkowski.
" I wish to assure you that the security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv tied 2 citizens of the Russian Federation, correspondents LifeNews. In the near future they will be expelled from the territory of our country with the subsequent prohibition to enter the Ukraine over the next five years, " he wrote on his page in Facebook. Before the last working day of the week the CEO of channel Aram Gabrelyanov said that the security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv caught Workers LifeNews - journalist Elizabeth I. and the operator Natalia Kalacheva. The detention was explained by the fact that the correspondent of the TV channel, as if it have the opportunity to know something about the bomb threat. Before communication with the media was gone, they had to report that they were asked to be witnesses." We said that we saw nothing, but We said that We should go in the main building of the security service of Ukraine, to answer a few questions. We promised to show a video clip like as We are, and for this reason could have something to watch, " said the reporter. This is not the 1st incident with the media channel in Ukraine. In mid-January LifeNews have said before about the attack protesters in Central Kiev on their correspondents. In addition, the attack on the crew channel LifeNews it was also made in the center of Kiev on the 1st of January.


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