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31 of January, 20:18

Gubarev tried to convince to respect Ukrainian prisoners of war
The leader of the party " new Russia ", the former "people's Governor" DND Paul Gubarev tried to convince the militia "to find the spiritual strength to respect the honor and dignity" of the Ukrainian prisoners of war.

" The respect of Ukrainian prisoners of war, we show our civilization and consistent with the norms of international law. In addition, we show current soldiers Mat that surrendering does not lead to any deterioration in their position, " wrote Gubarev on his page, pointing to the articles of the Geneva Convention about the application of prisoners of war.

He also said that prisoners of war will be released on the condition that he would not take again the weapon.
January 30, Chapter DND Alexander Zakharchenko said about the environment departments of the security forces in the area Debaltsevo and tried to convince the Ukrainian military to surrender their weapons in exchange for a promise to save their lives.

" Guys! My offer to lay down arms and leave. You fight not with those, you have a chance

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