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26 of September, 09:21

Kudrin: the Ukraine joins Worldwide Trade Organization on unprofitable terms "We shall not join on such terms", - said the finance minister of RT Alexei Kudrin. The Ukraine can quickly join this organization if the parliament and the government of the country consider it possible on unprofitable terms, he said. "The terms on which they join are convenient for Worldwide Trade Organization ", he added.

Kudrin said that during his visit to the USA they planned some questions of joining Russia to Worldwide Trade Organization. These questions will be discussed with the head of Ministry RF Germen Gref who is arriving in Washington on Monday.

At present the negotiations of Russia with some countries are going to the end, informed Kudrin. He added that if the decision of joining Russia to was achieved till the end of the year the technical process of joining would take from 6 to 12 months.
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