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26 of February, 12:33

TV: correspondents LifeNews expelled from Kiev
Correspondents for the Russian TV channel LifeNews After colleagues from NTV and channel expelled from Kiev, is notified on the Internet organization on Thursday.

"Joan Karpenko and Alexander Ulyanov not allowed to leave the transit area of the airport" Borispol ", meaning to use the phone and Skype, " said the report.

When this TV reminded that correspondents officially summoned to the court of Kyiv on the issue of attacks on them during a rally in the Ukrainian capital on 1 January.

on Wednesday in Kyiv SBU employees without explanation were caught correspondents "First channel" Elena Makarova and Sergey Korenev and NTV Andrey Grigoriev. Journalist program "Today," the Russian television channel NTV Inna Osipov was not allowed on the Playground of Ukraine.

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