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4 of March, 13:32

The Groisman said that an unknown fate of 32 miners at the Zasyadko mine
Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said that an unknown fate of 32 miners at the Zasyadko mine in Donetsk, died alone.

before opening the morning session of the meeting of Parliament, Groisman said about the death of 32 miners in Donetsk mine.

"the fate of 32 miners is unknown, they continue to search. At this time confirmed the death of only one person. Let's hope that they will help, " he said Groisman at the meeting of the Parliament on Wednesday.

on Wednesday morning at the Zasyadko mine within the self-proclaimed DND explosion occurred. According to the Ministry DND, in the mine at the time of the explosion were 230 miners, 157 people were brought to the surface. The head of the press service of the state service of Ukraine on emergencies Natalia Quickly stated that as a result of the explosion at the mine died 1 citizen, fifteen injured. MES DND gives the data of wounding 14 people. Administration of Donetsk region stated that the number of received damage during the explosion at the mine increased to 16.

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