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21 of March, 17:01

Nikolai Adashkevich. Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine and the people's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anton Geraschenko came to Estonia to study the system of defence and security of the state, about it Gerashchenko wrote on her Facebook page

"I'm currently in Tallinn, the capital of the Republic of Estonia at the invitation of the Advisor to the Minister of economy of Ukraine Janice Measure and the Estonian center of Eastern partnership. Study system the defence and security of this small Baltic country with a population of 30 times less than the population of Ukraine. For example, the Estonian system of the state military-Patriotic training volunteer paramilitary organization "Kaitseliit (defence League") are preparing a series of posts and communications, " he wrote in a statement.

Advisor to the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry also said that together with him arrived to Estonia 20 Ukrainian volunteers for 10 days will learn first aid in field conditions. According to Gerashchenko, financing courses for volunteers at the expense of funds of Estonian entrepreneurs and concerned Residents of Estonia friends of Ukraine ".

Voluntary paramilitary organization "Kaitseliit" is included in the structure of the Ministry of defense of Estonia. The officers of the militia are considered officers of the defence forces of the country, are subject to all the requirements for the soldiers. The membership of "Kaitseliit" is 13 thousand people.

in early 2015 militia "Kaitseliit" took part in the military-sports game " Landing Atria ", named in honor of the events of January of 1919, when landed at the village of Atria Troopers Estonian and Finnish soldiers engaged in battle with the red army and ousted her from Narva. The first time the game "Landing Utria" was conducted in 1999. Competitions are considered a winter kind of summer international military-sports game " Erna ", named after the Nazi subversive groups " Erna ", which in 1941 was landed from Finland in the rear of the red army and destroyed in the 1st from the swamps of Northern Estonia.

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