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Prevalent surgeries

Perfection has no limit. Modern plastic surgery (plastiikkakirurgia) helps everyone to improve the appearance, to correct congenital defects etc. Liposuction (rasvaimu), abdominoplasty (vatsan muotoilu), breast enlargement (rintojen suurennus) and lift, Nose jobs, and Facelifts- are the most popular and prevalent surgeries. Many people in the world made procedures and the number of patients have increased.

Liposuction (rasvaimu) of the abdomen is the most effective way to get rid of belly fat. This procedure has a special place in plastic surgery (plastiikkakirurgia). The excess fat in the abdominal area is observed quite often, both women and men. The removal of fat from the abdomen is relatively easy; liposuction procedure gives a significant and lasting results; minimal scarring even when you remove fat from vast areas.

To return a perfect figure, remove the fat from the stomach, to create an aesthetic and extremely harmonious shape and contours of the body will help abdominoplasty (vatsan muotoilu). If diet and exercise do not help to make a flat belly it will be better to do this surgeon. The problem is more than a century successfully solved with the help of a tummy tuck. abdominoplasty procedure, which allows you to make a flat tummy.

Weight loss or bariatric surgery (lihavuusleikkaus) is a variety of procedures that performed on people with obesity. It helps to reduce the size of the stomach and sustain weight loss.

Plastic surgery helps to change the shape of the breast. It allows to make it young and beautiful. Breast plastic surgery is divided into types: breast augmentation (rintojen suurennus), breast lifting or mastopexy, breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty and gynecomastia.

Breast augmentation is recognized as the most popular in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery (breast endoprosthesis) allows you to increase the breast and give it a nice shape. Breast plastic surgery will help you to make a beautiful and natural breast, change its contours, volume or shape. It is important to remember that breast surgery has no further effect on the possibility of breastfeeding. Doctor will help you to choose breast implants and give an advice what endoprosthesis to use.

After surgical intervention, the patient should remain under the care of doctors for a couple of days. Stitches are removed after 1-2 weeks. Chest discomfort can bothered about a week, and the swelling will completely disappear in about a month. The final result can be assessed only after 4 months, and it will be the best rehabilitation took place without complications, it is important to comply with the doctor"s recommendation.

Опубликовано: 09.07.2015
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